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Would you enjoy working full-time (or part-time) selling, assembling and/or repairing bikes with us? Or, do you know someone else who has an interest in bicycles? Do you think that person would enjoy working in our store? In an effort to continue to serve our bicycling community at the highest level, we are looking for quality people to join the Michael’s Cycles staff. Previous bike shop experience is a plus, but not mandatory. We will train the right individual. 

If this sounds like an ideal position for you (or someone you know), please fill out our application below or encourage your acquaintance to do so.  Thanks for your help! We are looking forward to continuing to support our community’s bicycling needs by supplying the best staff of any bike shop anywhere!  

Please answer the questions below and click the 'Submit Form' button at the bottom to forward this application to us. We'll review it and will contact you if we like what we see. Thanks!

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Education & Work History

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If you have not previously worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us briefly about any other retail experience you have.
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Have you attended any specialty bicycle courses, such as Barnett's or United's?
(if yes, please tell us in what year, the name of the class, and which completion certificates you received; if no, ignore this question)
Please tell us about your last 2 jobs, and briefly explain your responsibilities and reasons for leaving those jobs.*
Please provide the names and contact information of at least 2 references for us to contact.*
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Give us an example of something you've done at a past job that shows how you will be able to contribute to the success of our business.*
Do you speak any languages other than English?
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Bicycle Interest & Knowledge (optional questions)

We hire quality people who are eager to learn. You are welcome to ignore all or some of the questions in this section, but some positions do require bicycle experience and/or bicycling knowledge. The optional questions below are opportunities for you to share information related to your involvement in our sport and also to show your bicycle knowledge. If you do not believe it is to your benefit to answer the following questions, then simply scroll to the bottom and click the Submit Form button.

What's your favorite road ride, trail, or cycling event?
Please tell us what types of bicycles you have and how you ride.
Do you race?
If you answered yes, please tell us about your racing.
(how frequent, how much travel, class raced, etc.)
Please copy and paste the list below into the text box and arrange it in order of expense (highest to lowest):
1. Tiagra
2. Dura Ace
3. 105
4. Sora
5. Ultegra
Define the cycling term "cadence."
Explain the difference between a tubeless and tubular tire.
What in your opinion are some of the hottest cycling trends today?
Who do you consider the world's most-famous cyclist?
Give us an anecdote from your life, which demonstrates your resourcefulness.
Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about why we should consider you for a position.


By submitting this form, you are declaring that the submitted information is accurate, and are also acknowledging that you understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is cause for dismissal.

Thank You!

Thanks for completing and submitting your application. We'll be in touch if you qualify for a position with us. (Be sure to click the 'Submit Form' button below so that we receive your application.)

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