Why Buy a Bike at Michael's Cycles?

storefrontThinking of buying a new bicycle? One of your first choices, and not necessarily an easy one, will be where to shop. It can be a challenge because there are a myriad of stores that carry two-wheelers, from specialty retailers, to giant department stores. Where you buy, however, has everything to do with what you get. You see, bicycles aren't like toasters or suitcases. Bikes are shipped in boxes and they must be assembled and tuned.

There are many types, too, and you should never buy until you've figured out which is right for you. Measurements and adjustments are required to ensure the frame is the correct size and that the seat and handlebars are properly positioned. And, every new bicycle will need a minor tune-up after several weeks of use.

What's more, modern road and mountain bikes can travel at high speeds and carry you over demanding terrain where the machine's materials and construction get tested. A quality two-wheeler, carefully assembled and fit to you, will be the safest, most durable and fun bicycle to ride.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend shopping at a good specialty bicycle store like Michael’s Cycles. For instance, we hire competent salespeople and expert mechanics who'll ensure that you get the right bike and a quality machine. Our store is clean, has helpful personnel, offers a good selection, and an on-site repair department.

Bicycle retailing is something we love. It is not a high profit business. It's not easy (or cheap) to offer a large inventory selection in a convenient location, and employ knowledgeable staff, but that's what we do. By doing this successfully and constantly striving to do it better, we have received the loyalty and support of our customers as our reward since opening in 1982. We will be here to serve you in the future.

Michael's Cycles is active in the local biking community. In addition to supporting a racing team, each year we perform clinics, promote local weekly rides, and provide technical support at numerous bicycle events. Through our volunteer work, our advocacy, and our monetary donations, we work to raise the quality of bicycle riding opportunities not only for our customers, but for all area residents.

Here are a few reasons our store is the best place to shop:
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1. Price Protection
2. One Year Free Adjustment Period
3. All our new bikes are assembled by professional bicycle mechanics.
4. Comfort and safety are built into every bike we sell.
5. We offer a top notch service department.
6. Our bikes are of the highest quality.

1. Price Protection*

Michael’s Cycles Price Protection ensures you are always getting a fair price on bicycles purchased in our store. If you find the identical bicycle offered for less than you paid us within 45 days of your initial purchase anywhere within 100 miles of our store, we will refund 100% of the difference to you.  *Bicycles only. Does not apply towards any special order, lay-away, or financed bicycle. Competitor's price must be verifiable.

2. One Year Free Adjustment Period

Each bicycle we sell includes one year of free adjustments. For 12 months from the date of your purchase, we will perform service work at no labor charge to you, provided the needed service is not due to an accident, abuse, or the result of someone other than our qualified mechanics working on your bicycle. The investments we have made in our service department (mechanic training, specialty tools, parts inventory, and computer databases) enable us to have access to everything available to keep your bicycle operating properly.

3. All our new bikes are assembled by professional bicycle mechanics.

You might be surprised to learn that bicycles are not completely assembled at the factory. It's true. They're actually delivered to us disassembled and in a box, and we spend about an hour (depending on the model) assembling, tuning and testing every bike (at no additional charge to you). This is required by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and we pride ourselves in meeting the highest standards. What's more, our technicians and service department are always prepared to make adjustments and provide advice should you need assistance during a purchase or after a sale.

4. Comfort and safety are built into every bike we sell.

Bicycles come in different sizes. And they're very adjustable. We find the right frame size for you and then dial in the fit by positioning the seat and handlebars, brake levers and shifters as required. This ensures comfort and that you're in complete control of your bike for safety. There are many variables, too: If you need a softer saddle, we'll put one on. If you prefer to sit more upright, we can accommodate you. Our goal is to make your new bike as comfortable to ride and as easy to pedal as possible. We have years of experience in fitting bikes to riders and we'll get yours fitting so good it disappears beneath you.

5. We offer a top notch service department.

Our mechanics have the proper tools and the knowledge to service virtually any bicycle. Our service department maintains and/or has access to the parts inventory needed to keep your bicycle operating properly. Each bicycle we sell includes one year of free adjustments. When possible, bicycles purchased from Michael's Cycles receive preferential service scheduling.

6. Our bikes are of the highest quality.

Manufacturers of the bicycles sold at Michael's Cycles are always price conscious. But, price is not their only concern. Each bicycle must meet a minimum performance standard. These manufacturers realize that each bicycle they produce will be scrutinized by knowledgeable bicycle enthusiasts (our employees). The manufacturers of the bicycles sold in our store strive to offer our customers a product that will be safe, work properly, and be serviceable.


From your child’s first bike to your latest ride, your local bike shop is so much more than just bikes, tubes and energy bars. Michael's Cycles is a meeting place where rides begin, stories are told, friendships are made, and laughter echoes off the walls.

We are a cornerstone of your community that provides trained staff to keep your bike running smoothly, experts to answer your questions while exuding a passion for the sport. From supporting local charity rides, to sponsoring a local race team and family-friendly slow rides, we help advocate for safe, accessible trails and roads. We're here for you when it’s your time to play.

Support your local bike shop, support your local community.


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